Public Transit in Edmonton

Edmonton has a public transit network of bus and Light Rail Transit (LRT) routes operated by the Edmonton Transit Service (ETS). This is an effective means of getting around the city, especially within the downtown and university region. It also provides the cheapest way of travel to and from the airport.

To find your ETS travel routes and schedules, we recommend either Google Maps or the Transit App (available on Google Play and the Apple Web Store).


Fares and Tickets: ETS tickets are sold at many stores around the city – just look for the blue ETS logo, or enquire. On campus, there are two sales outlets: SUBmart (ground floor of Student’s Union Building) and Varsity Store (HUB mall). Tickets are also sold at vending machines in LRT stations; note that the machines accept cash only. Single-trip fares can be paid in buses with cash (C$3.50; no change is given).

If you plan on taking ETS regularly, the best option is to buy books of 10 tickets at a time for ca. C$26. Day passes are available for ca. C$10.

More information on ETS fares is available here.


How to Ride

Buses: Enter in the front, drop the exact cash fare or an unvalidated ticket strip into the fare box, and pick up a transfer slip from the operator.

LRT: Stamp a new ticket strip at a validator box, or buy a validated ticket at a vending machine. Tickets are occasionally checked on LRT trains or in stations.

Transferring: Validated tickets and transfer slips allow you to board any ETS bus or train throughout the entire city within 90 minutes of starting your trip. When boarding a bus, simply show your transfer slip or ticket to the operator as a proof of payment.