Thank you!

Dear VOA7 participants,

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to every one of you for making this conference a wonderful four-day gathering of great science and community! We hope you all had a great time here, we certainly loved having you in Canada. 

We also want to congratulate the winners of the 2020 and 2022 Stephen Awards, the BioTools Poster Award, and the PCCP Book Prize! Please see the winner list below.

VOA8 will take place in Bochum, Germany in 2024. We hope to seeing you all again at VOA8!


With many thanks,

VOA7 Local Organizing Committee



2022 Stephen Award: “Measurement of Raman Optical Activity with High-Frequency Polarization Modulation” by Carin R. Lightner, Daniel Gisler, Stefan A. Meyer, Hannah Niese, Robert C. Keitel, and David J. Norris, in J. Phys. Chem A 2021, 125, 8132-8139.


2020 Stephen Award: “Transfer and Amplification of Chirality Within the ‘Ring of Fire’ Observed in Resonance Raman Optical Activity Experiments” by Guojie Li, Jiří Kessler, Joseph Cheramy, Tao Wu, Mohammad Reza Poopari, Petr Bouř, and Yunjie Xu, in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 58, 16495-16498; Angew. Chem. 2019, 131, 16647-16650.


BioTools Poster Award Winners:

Corentin Grassin (Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany)

Nichole O’Neill (Drexel University, USA)


PCCP Book Prize Winners:

Monika Krupova (UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway)

Aleksandra Wajda (Jagiellonian University, Poland)


Information about the on-site registration, welcome party, and other conference details will be emailed to all in-person attendees before August 1.


   Chiral, enantiopure compounds play an increasingly important role in modern society, as many pharmaceutical compounds, e.g. active compounds, mimics and biologics, are chiral. In modern regulatory work, the absolute configuration of such compounds must be accessed, as must the stability and structural integrity of biologics and generics of these. Therefore, techniques suitable for accurate absolute configuration assignment and detailed structural analysis are in high demand in research and industry.

   The VOA conference series aims to present the cutting edge in research and development in the field of vibrational optical activity (VCD and ROA) and beyond, highlighting developments in chiroptical spectroscopy, experimentally as well as theoretically, bringing together the leading scientists in the field for stimulating presentations and discussions of the newest trends and applications of this diverse group of techniques.

   After being delayed due to Covid-19, VOA7 will be held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, starting Sunday, August 7th and finishing on Thursday, August 11th. Considering the to Covid-19 situation, this biannual conference will be run mainly as an in-person conference. All participants including invited speakers are encouraged to attend in person, and some online sessions will also be organized to accommodate those who could not attend in person.



7th International Conference on Vibrational Optical Activity

August 7-11, 2022 – University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

We are proud to announce that the 7th International Conference on Vibrational Optical Activity and Related Advances in Chiral Spectroscopic Analyses will be held in 2021 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The VOA conference series aims to bring together the leading scientists and young graduate students in the field of vibrational optical activity and the related emerging chiral spectroscopic fields. We look forward to stimulating presentations and discussions of the newest trends and applications in the field of vibrational optical activity and beyond, highlighting both experimental and theoretical developments.

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